Our values

The company aims to implement its strategy and activities based on the following 10 principles:

  • Reliability - We keep our confidence above all else.
  • Productivity - We aim to increase efficiency by optimizing all procurement and supply processes.
  • Sustainable development - We pay attention to the sustainable and long-term success
  • Truthfulness - We do not allow discrimination against partners. honesty is one of the basic principles of our activity.
  • Transparency - Transparency makes a confidence, and encourages participation of those who are ready to take responsibility for the company
  • Quality - We see high quality customer service as a guarantee of the value to be given to us.
  • Responsibility - We are aware of our responsibility.
  • Operativeness - We have a elasticity and flexibility which are required by the circumstances.
  • Innovation - We are constantly evolving our business models and learning from the progressive methods that differentiate us.
  • Respect to environment - We treat the environment with respect.