Our mission

  • As a result of the increase of production potential of agricultural products through the value chain, to play a pivotal role in the development of the country's non-oil sector by promoting and supporting the agricultural sector;
  • Providing efficient use of public funds and creating a basis for improving the social well-being of the rural population in the regions;
  • Provide centralized procurement of foodstuffs by state order.

Our gaze toward the future 

  • Playing a leading role in improving the agricultural market in the country by applying innovative solutions
  • Participating in increasing the production potential of Azerbaijan agricultural products through the value chain
  • Organizing and supporting the participation of the farmers and food producers in the agro trade chain
  • Participating in the development of rural tourism and ecotourism
  • Promoting and supporting the production and export of agricultural and processing products
  • Participating in the promotion of local farmers and food producers' products abroad and creating a positive image